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14 Nov 2022

Dressed for success - how to add instant curb appeal to your home


While ‘curb appeal’ is a term only typically used by real estate agents or property developers, the concept is one that resonates with many home owners. Being proud of your home’s aesthetic – and the way it looks to passers-by – can be a key priority for many people.

Despite this, when choosing window coverings, it’s easy for exterior windows to be forgotten entirely – with awnings often added as an after-thought, or in a second design ‘phase’. 

In reality, choosing stylish and modern awnings for your exterior windows can give your home’s aesthetic a significant boost. Here’s why it’s important to prioritise the outside of your home from the outset:   

Energy efficiency and sun protection

As we highlighted in this article, your choice of window coverings can play a key role in keeping your home more energy efficient year round. This is particularly the case in summer, where direct sunlight flows into the inside of your home – trapped by the windows as radiant heat.  

By shielding your windows with an outdoor awning you can reduce your overall cooling energy costs, and make your interiors more comfortable and temperate year round.   

The standard Luxaflex® Evo Awning system is easy to use, and owners can have the ability to link up to three side-by-side awnings that can be controlled from one location - through the use of either manual crank operation or motorised options such as Merger® Solar Motors.

Merger Solar Motors combine cutting-edge patented power management electronics with an integrated battery receiver unit. The awning is powered by a solar battery, and as little as 2-3 hours of direct sunlight is required for several days’ operation. 

Luxaflex Evo Awning
Merger Solar Motor

Sleek, sophisticated look

Today, there are seemingly endless options to choose from with regards to exterior blinds and awnings.  

Our awnings have the ability to fit spaces of all shapes and sizes and are suitable for a wide range of exterior settings, from terraces and patios to large entertaining areas. This includes folding arm, straight drop and pivot arm style systems. 

Luxaflex Folding Arm Awning
Luxaflex Evo Awning
Luxaflex Evo Pivot Arm Awning

Designed for Australian Conditions

The Luxaflex® Contemporary Series of Awnings is a modern collection of Folding Arm, Straight Drop and Pivot Arm style awning systems. Designed for the Australian home and modern living, they provide function and fashion for the exterior of your home.

The Luxaflex® Timeless Collection of Awnings feature styles that are classically elegant for a more traditional home. 

Luxaflex Evo Awnings

Evo MagnaTrack

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Evo Awnings Series

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Canopy Awnings

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