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08 May 2024

Selling Houses Australia: Season 16, Turramurra


A big budget renovation ‘re-do’ on Sydney’s north shore

When Sonya and Dan first bought their home in the leafy Sydney suburb of Turramurra, they embarked on an initial renovation to make the home’s layout more suitable for their young family. 

There was just one problem: the new layout simply didn’t work. They ended up with an awkward configuration, an under-size living space, and a kitchen that was uncomfortably close to the front door, bathroom, and master suite. 

As a result, the family soon felt they had outgrown the home and wanted something more spacious.   

However, despite being on a desirable block and in a sought-after suburb – and with good bones – the house simply wouldn’t sell. The scope of the required ‘fix’ to the initial renovation was deterring potential buyers, and the family had endured two failed sale campaigns in the past three years. 

Desperate to sell and move on, the family called on the Selling Houses Australia team to step in. 

A big budget layout change

Set on a 664m2 parcel of prime Turramurra land, Sonya and Dan’s home was, on paper, an ideal buy. Other than the cramped layout, it ticked all the boxes. 

Confident that an overhaul of the layout would therefore attract buyers - and help Sonya and Dave attract the sale result they were looking for – the Selling Houses team convinced the couple to commit a hefty $200,000 for the renovation.   

The majority of this budget went towards reconfiguring the lower level of the home – creating a new, spacious and open kitchen, living and dining area that would flow seamlessly to an outdoor entertaining area at the rear. 

The Selling Houses team set to work – knocking down interior walls, facilitating a new master bedroom with an ensuite at the front of the house, and installing floor-to-ceiling bi-fold doors at the rear, to flood the living space with natural light. 

The biggest change was bringing the covered outdoor entertaining area inside – extending the interiors to create a spacious and sophisticated space that would comfortably fit a growing family. 

Stylish, high-end window coverings

It was extremely important to Wendy and the team that the fittings and fixtures in this newly renovated home were luxurious enough to attract a discerning Turramurra buyer. 

Their choice of Luxaflex® window coverings played a key role in creating a suitable level of style and sophistication. 

Two types of coverings were chosen for Sonya and Dan’s home: Luxaflex® Duette Shades and Luxaflex® Curtains in varying colours. 

As well as adding a sense of elegance and providing all-important privacy, the Duette shades also play a key role in maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home, year round. These shades trap air within their uniquely shaped honeycomb cells – helping keep spaces cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  

For the master bedroom, the team chose to add shades in an Indigo Mood coloured fabric – adding an element of visual interest. In the living spaces, they chose Pearl Grey and Daisy White, to lighten and brighten this large area.   

Curtains were also used in several spaces and in three different colours: Saffire, Glaze and Flint. These curtains add softness and colour to both the living spaces and bedrooms. 

Modernising the home’s exterior

The front façade and garden of this home was already quite appealing and required minimal intervention. Dennis’ team simply applied a splash of fresh paint, created a new garden bed, laid some turf, and spruced up the existing path to the front door. The biggest change was to the front porch – where the team installed new tiles and a modern front door which instantly created an intriguing first impression. 

Dennis and his team also modernised the rear by lowering and levelling the lawn, installing new travertine pavers, and adding a new pergola – transforming the space into one that could be used every day of the week. 

Ready for sale

With the renovation complete, Sonya and Dan’s revitalised home went back onto the market for the third time – finally exceeding their agent’s expectations with an impressive sale price of $2.73 million. Having learnt some important renovation lessons and made a tidy profit, the family now had everything they needed to move on to their next home. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the window coverings used in this renovation, please get in touch with the team at Luxaflex today. 

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